A picture of the moon and Saturn, and astro charts referencing the events of 11 Sep 01:

Below is a wonderful picture of Saturn near the moon as taken by my friend Joel on the morning of 10 September 01. When I wrote him asking permission to put this up on the web, he asked me did the moon next to Saturn have anything to do with the terrorist attack, which occurred the next day. I told him I didn't know (he, the amateur astronomer, often asks me questions wondering if there is astrological significance; I didn't expect there to be any, but said I'd check the chart). WELL!!! I was SHOCKED!! The occultation occurred exactly 24 hours before the attack, which obviously resulted in the same ascendant, and the same houses as the attack chart. My friend Bill pointed out that 24 hours later an occultation of moon and Jupiter occurred. Consequently the attack occurred closely on the midpoint of the two occultations (I present the charts below).

An occultation occurs when one body is hidden because of another body...therefore, the occultation occurs in this case, when the moon hides Saturn. Obviously the moon conjuncts Saturn and Jupiter each month, but an occultation doesn't occur each month. What is amazing, is that we DID have another occultation of Saturn the very next month, and that was the day of the first bombing attack on Afghanistan! Is this just coincidence?.. I don't know...oh, now I know! Carolyn Egan on the Conjunction astrology list says: "what is happening here is a reference to declination and that each month when the Moon reaches maximum north it crosses the Saturn line then the Jupiter line. Jupiter will reach maximum north first. When the Moon rounds the curve at maximum north, it requires extra time before turning and heading south. The Moon crossed the Saturn line twice - once on the 10th and again on the 14th. The parallel and conjunction should be within a short timeframe - 24hrs or within a degree for an occultation to occur. I also found Valerie Vaughn's terminology for occultation (1998 NCGR Magazine). "An occultation is a special case; it can only occur when both longitude and declination are the same or very close, within the width of the bodies concerned. Technically speaking, an eclipse is an occultation of the Sun and the Moon. An occultation is not visible from everywhere on Earth, but like an eclipse, it makes a sweep across an area. The Moon, which is approximately 1/2 degree in diameter, can occult a planet or star that comes within 1/2 degree of longitude and declination, and this is called a lunar occultation." (End Carolyn's Quote)

I've got several charts below, but first I want you to see the picture of Saturn conj the moon. I love that one can see the rings of Saturn!! This is what Joel wrote me when he sent the picture on 10 sep 01:

This morning while getting the newspaper off the driveway, I scanned the predawn sky as usual and saw a bright star just off the east limb of the moon. I came inside and ran my Skymap software and discovered the star was actually Saturn, about 20 minutes before conjunction. I remember reading last month that this was going to happen, but it had slipped my mind. I had time to set up the scope on the back porch and snap some pics by holding the digital camera up to the eyepiece (low-tech but effective). Unfortunately I had to leave about 5 minutes before Saturn disappeared behind the moon. The sun was coming up by then anyway so the sky was getting too light to see Saturn well.

The time used here is from data from seismograms recorded by LCSN Station PAL (Palisades, NY), therefore, cannot be more exact. Coordinates are for the WTC.

Note that the moon Jupiter occultation quincunxes pluto, and the Sibley U.S. chart asc., and the cardinal 14 degree now goes to MC/IC.

I placed the attack of the first tower in the inner wheel, and the U.S. chart on the outside, simply because I wanted to emphasize that U.S. Saturn on the Attack ascendant (very interesting, we've got the transitting Saturn-Pluto opposition, and we have U.S. Saturn on Attack ascendant, and Attack Pluto on U.S. ascendant). I've actually always been partial to the gemini rising chart for the U.S., however, Pluto conj the asc of the Sibley U.S. chart is quite significant, and I'm going to be thinking about it.

Note that this is a 'solar chart' for the WTC (ribbon cutting ceremony), with the attack chart around it, once again note the 14 cardinal. Also note the saturn return, jupiter on the south node (the jupiter occultation therefore being on the south node of the twin towers), and neptune on mars. The data for the tower came from Lois Rodden's site and skyscraper.org. This last site gives the groundbreaking date as 5 August 1966.

This is the transitting declination graph. You can see here the moon crossing Saturn on 10 Sep, and once again on 7 Oct.

Note the same cardinal 14 activated, this time sun at focal point of a cardinal t-square.

Ed Kohout wrote some very interesting observations to the Star Study astrological list. These are his words, though I've cut and pasted a bit for my specific purposes:

"When I plugged in the time for the first attack on Kabul, I was delighted to see Luna and Saturn co-rising, with Luna about to occult Saturn, which would be visible in Afghanistan. There is little doubt in my mind that this event was chosen for *effect*; also, when watching the coverage on CNN, during the occultation, the camera was actually pointed at the Moon, showing a close-up of it at precisely the correct time!! More coincidence, I'm sure...lunar occultations have played a part in earlier wars in the Middle East. So, if there was any psychological advantage to this, it was wisely used by the coalition forces. By "psychological," I mean in the sense of having the boldness to attack an allegedly Islamic regime when their symbol, Luna, is swallowing the Saturn that was used so diabolically in the WTC/Pentagon attacks. We should not forget that this part of the world still holds astrology in high esteem, and would "get the message". (End Quote)

An interesting article by Mark Lerner, publisher of 'Welcome to Planet Earth', discusses many issues surrrounding this event, including the influence of Juno which I have included in the above charts.

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